Globelink (UK) Ltd

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Globelink UK Ltd Provides

Unique Value from Emerging Suppliers for Fast Evolving Security Threats

Varonis - Our Latest Partner

Does something no other solution does out there - it makes it possible to lock down user access to your company data so that only the right people have access to the data they need.   Currently 9 out of 10 cats say their owners allow them to access to much more data than they need to.  If only they were as skilled as a hacker in looking for and finding important data they should not have access to.  If you worry about people getting access to files about an ongoing legal matter, or stealing customer lists, of failing a PCI audit because they find credit card data in excel spreadsheets in marketing folders - then Varonis is a supplier for you. In their own words:

Why Security

  • Because security is a worry (and not risk) mitigation process.
  • Because bad things happen (click here for the latest).
  • Tidal Waves and Surfboards.
  • It's a New World and the dynamic is changing with ...
  • ...500,000 Android phone activations daily.
  • ...DDOS attacks launched from mobile phone botnets.
  • ...Hacking tools have paid-for support available.
  • ...50% of the world online, contacting an IP near you.  

Ask us today where the latest security threats are coming from.


Network, Data and Infrastructure

  • Insider vs. Outsider Threat Solutions
  • Intellectual Property and Company Reputation Protection
  • Productivity and Revenue Protection
  • Identity Control and Accountability
  • Compliance: Mandated Accountability and Protection
  • Data Integrity and Resilience

Ask us which solutions will give you the greatest reduction of worry.


Why Globelink

  • We Provide Unique Solutions from Emerging Suppliers.
  • Our Solutions offer a Unique Balance of Price, Innovation and Performance.
  • We are Always Worth Checking to see what we have.
  • We like our Solutions and can Support them.

Ask us why any of our solutions add unique value to your business.